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Sustainable Rainscapes Project

GreenHeart LLC was called to design the renovation of this 25 year old garden. Homeowners land is midway on a hillside so that uphill neighbors dumped water on them and their rainwater rushed down to neighbor below. Our design created large conservation garden areas in both front and backyards to capture and slow down storm water. An extra large cistern was also installed to capture the homeowners' roof water. Holding it in the tank eliminated the downhill neighbors basement flooding problems. Water from the cistern is used to irrigate the garden. An existing screened porch was completely updated to make a four season room. Plantings include native, pollinator-loving plants like Goldenrod, Cardinal flower, Aster, Catmint, and Gayfeather. Shrubs like Annabelle Hydrangea and Hibiscus provide large flowers at different times of the year. The homeowners are helping to care for their granddaughter, who loves their new garden.

The old brick front stoop was demolished, the new porch is constructed of a complementary natural stone and is now large enough for a couple of chairs and pots of herbs. The flagstone surface and stepping stone walkways look well with the gray-painted upper portion of the house and are much safer. A simple handrail makes entry and egress easier.

We widened the driveway so two cars can park off street comfortably, and erected posts in the rear for a hammock.

Water problems: Solved. Safety issues: Taken Care of. Beauty and Joy: Increased immeasurably.

Rear and Front Bethesda Home Landscape