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Kensington Dog-friendly Backyard

GreenHeart has worked with these homeowners for several years, because their first priority was their front -- read 'curb appeal' -- yard. They needed more space to entertain than their simple concrete patio allowed. They also have an energetic dog, so keeping lawn was important.

We enlarged and modified the old patio by lowering the grade at which the patio sits. Instead of it being immediately outside the back door, we built the first of several steps down to it. Additional steps past the paved area travel through a new planting bed to lead down to the lawn.

A warm-colored brick was chosen for the patio. It complements the white house, and the surface flows to the planting beds that surround it. Three CrepeMyrtles provide summer bloom and Serviceberry trees along the property boundary bloom in spring. Both trees have great fall foliage color. By planting the hillside, more privacy was created when the family uses the patio. Natural gas was piped in for their grill, and a separate fire pit area was constructed at the bottom of the hill, providing a focal point from the patio and a view of the garden from the house.

They - and their dog - love their new space.

Kensington Backyard Retreat