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Winding Path in a Forest Park

Cathy Carr, APLD, was introduced to this homeowner by the Andrews Irrigation, when the homeowner realized that his gardener/builder would benefit from some guidance on the shape and size of the planned retaining wall, patio, paths and plantings. Garden Gate Landscaping did the initial planting around the patio as it was completed, and Cathy consulted on the second phase extension of the garden. A full 7-foot-high deer fence makes it possible for the homeowners to maintain their 'park' without being eaten. The garden is still young, and extraordinarily beautiful in various seasons, with native Dogwoods, spring bulbs and Azaleas taking pride of place in spring, Daylilies and Hydrangeas in early summer, and fall foliage colors hold court in the fall.

Retaining Wall and Winding Path in the Forest