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A Trio of Curved Walls

GreenHeart, LLC's Cathy Carr designed this project for homeowners who had downsized and needed to make to the backyard slope of this home useable for gardening. One homeowner loves to grow food, and mostly native perennials. We decided that a trio of three foot tall walls would allow for more ornamental plants to be grown. We also decided to give the walls undulating curves for beauty and interest. It was a large project requiring lots of time and heavy equipment. A concrete block wall was selected to complement the contemporary home and keep the investment reasonable. Steps and paths allow for easy watering, maintenance, and the enjoyment of strolling through the garden. The front driveway was expanded with flagstone to make the door easier to see and access. The same material is used to form a small patio underneath the beautiful existing Japanese maple. Low-voltage, dark sky, LED lighting was installed to extend the garden's use into the evening hours. Great American Landscapes installed the walls, paving, and large plantings, and Olson Weaver Lighting designed and installed the outdoor lighting. The homeowners are having fun developing the remainder of the gardens.

Creating Space for a Family of Gardeners